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Retaining Customers with Push Notifications

Sending push notifications is a key marketing tactic that can help retain customers, but send too many and you may be hurting yourself more than helping. 

Likewise, sending too little push notifications can also hurt you. So what is the fine line that hits that perfect retention spot for your customers? We’ll examine some studies to help determine the best way to retain customers that are using your mobile application and further grow your business. 

Send Push Notifications within 90 days

According to a study completed by Urbain Airship, a leading digital growth company out of Portland, Oregon, apps with users who opted in to receive push notifications, but did not receive any push notifications within the first 90 days lost 95% of those users.

If you’re not sending any push notifications right now, starting to send weekly notifications could increase 90-day app retention by 2x on iOS and 6X on Android.

In addition to just sending push notifications, studies also show that retention can be increased by 3-10x based on the quality of the push notification. It’s a good idea to combine your analytics with the types of push notifications you are sending out. For example, if you are seeing that you have 10, 100 or even 1,000+ cart views of a particular product and no sales, you may begin to wonder “is the price too expensive?” This would be a perfect opportunity to send out a rich push notification with a beautiful graphic attached to it offering a discount for app users only. Not only will this make the customer feel like the app has value, but it will bring them back into the app to a particular product that has demonstrated significant interest in the past.

Within Drobile’s software, you can send both regular push notifications and rich push notifications. We recommend taking advantage of the rich push notifications because this adds more value to the message being received. Users who receive rich push notifications are 56% more likely to respond vs. traditional push notifications. 

How much is too much?

We’ll keep this short. The sweet spot appears to be once per week. Send more than that, and you may end up losing users. Send less than that, and you may end up losing users.

In Conclusion…

The key is to respect your customer’s phones. You have direct access to message them and what you send them should be relevant (as much as possible) to what their interests are.

To read more about Urban Airship’s press release on push notifications and dive deeper into the data, you can visit here: https://www.urbanairship.com/company/press-releases/new-urban-airship-mobile-app-retention-study 

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