10 Tips on Marketing Your New App

10 tips to get you started on marketing your brand new iPhone and/or Android application launch.


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10 Tips on Marketing Your New App

10 tips to get you started on marketing your brand new iPhone and/or Android application launch.

Let’s face it. Marketing can be scary. You just invested money into an app, and now comes the fun of getting a return on investment. Whether you’re a brick and mortar store who is expanding to an online presence, or solely an online businesses, these 10 tips will be sure to get you on your way to marketing a successful iPhone or Android app launch.

1. Reviews Reviews Reviews

Getting reviews for your app is crucial. Think about it, you’re browsing along in the App Store on your phone, looking for a particular app. Are you going to pick an application with or without reviews? Call some of your loyal customers or friends who know you and your product that can vouch for your business. Ask them to leave a review. It’s important to have genuine reviews. Paying for reviews online won’t get you very far. Potential customers pick up on it, and it may make things worse for your company.

2. Install Banners on Your Webpage

Use your website as a platform to get visiting customers to download your application. At Drobile, we offer free banner installation to existing customers. This allows users browsing on a mobile device to see a banner linking to your native application on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

3. Offer an Incentive

When launching your application, offer an incentive for people to download your application.

Some ideas here could be:
– A discount on one of your products available only in the application.
– Free shipping
– An exclusive in-app only product.

Whatever the incentive, the idea is to get a presence using your application — not only to build reviews, but to build brand trust.

4. Feature Your App in a Blog

Do you have a blog on your website? If not, it’s time to get one. Over 33% of the web is powered by blogs. Google loves to scour blogs. Having a blog and continually updating it can be a tremendous source of organic traffic, not only for your website, but for your new app as well. Talk about what makes your app unique, show screenshots and more.

5. Send an Email Campaign

It’s time to introduce your app! Send a marketing campaign to let everyone know about your release and the features of your app. Hint: This is a good place to also include your incentive!

In all future marketing emails that go out to customers, include a link to download your new app. This can be below the signature, or in the footer of your email template.

6. Create a Demo Video

Create a demo video of your application. Post it on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. You don’t have to be a video editing genius to make a really nice demo video. There are a lot of incredible services out there that will allow you to do this yourself such as renderforest.com. If you’re not the “do it yourself” type of person, fiverr.com is also an excellent resource that can help create demo videos for your application at a very reasonable rate (less than $20).

7. Get in Touch with Bloggers

Remember how over 33% of the web is powered by blogs? Ah..the power of blogging! Visit google.com and search for blogs that have an interest in your type of application / products. Get in contact with the blog owners and see if they would consider blogging about your launch. You may be surprised at the level of organic traffic you will receive by having various writers write about your app launch.

8. Join Social Media Groups

Depending on the group, it may be allowed to share your new application with the group. You may want to consider asking the admin first just in case, but a lot of groups allow this. If one particular group won’t allow it, find more.

9. QR Codes

If you’re a brick and mortar store, print out a QR code and display it in your store. Right by the checkout line is a perfect place to display a nice 8×11 advertisement for your app with a large QR code. You can also print out business cards and place a QR code to your app on the back.

10. Pinterest

Believe it or not, Pinterest is an incredible opportunity to market your application. If you’re selling products – especially unique ones, place your best pictures on Pinterest with a link to your mobile website. This will bring more organic traffic to your site and in turn get more app downloads.

In Conclusion…

While it may seem like a lot of work, marketing a new application isn’t that bad. With just a few small steps in the right direction, your app launch is sure to be a success!

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