10 Tips on Marketing Your New App

10 tips to get you started on marketing your brand new iPhone and/or Android application launch.


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Retaining Customers with Push Notifications

Sending push notifications is a key marketing tactic that can help retain customers, but send too many and you may be hurting yourself more than helping.  Read More

Native apps vs. Web apps: Which is better?

Almost all E-Commerce stores today offer a browsing experience that is compatible with your mobile phone. But more and more stores are beginning to offer native iPhone and Android applications to compliment their online stores. Why?  Read More

Top 3 Mistakes New Dropshippers Make

If you’re just getting started with dropshipping, it’s imperative to start right. Many dropshippers fail, and it’s generally because they make very avoidable mistakes during the startup of their business. 
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Big Commerce, Here we Come

A few months ago, Drobile was released to the Shopify App Store, and our success has been fantastic. We couldn’t be more thrilled with our customers and the success Drobile has brought them by using our product.

Drobile’s mission to is bring each E-Commerce store the ability to retain customers through an affordable, native iOS and Android application.

With that being said, we were missing a big part of the market – Big Commerce. Many Big Commerce customers came to us and requested the ability to use Drobile on their stores. We quickly got to work, applied for the Technology Partner Program within Big Commerce and are now proud to announce that we have officially submitted our software to the Big Commerce App Store.

We’re working with Big Commerce to finalize the details of the release, and should soon be published. 

We’d like to thank all of our future Big Commerce customers for their patience, and look forward to bringing more apps to the market!

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